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In which intrakinesis and I have an adventure.

(It's like Noah's Ark, but on crack.)

One day, there was a massive storm. It was mostly a lot of rain and not so much thunder or lightning, and there wasn't any tornado warning, so you and I could both enjoy it thoroughly. The rain went on for days, it seemed, but we didn't mind. We did manage to tire of days indoors mostly, even though we have plenty to do... ;)

So one day we decided to go out and run around in the rain, playing together. It was fun. We got soaking wet, and our clothes were messy, but we had a great time, and then we had a wonderful excuse to be nice and naked.

We thought the rain would stop soon. But it didn't. It went on for so long that soon it began to flood. And it occurred to us that maybe the rain wasn't going to stop. So we tried to waterproof our home, and make sure we didn't lose anything. Eventually the rain stopped, but when we looked outside, we gasped.

The whole world was covered in water, it seemed. So I made a boat from my bathtub, and you and I sailed out in search of other people, and because it was a nice day and being on the water was fun. :)

We had a lot of fun sailing out to look for other people. We managed to fit our instruments in the bathtub- we got one large enough for both of us at once ;)- and so we serenaded each other as we sailed.

Oddly enough, though, every person we ran into said similar things. We'd ask how they were, and they'd laugh. We'd ask where they lived, and they'd all say, "Over the hill, you can't miss it," and gesture to a hill that we could never see.

Also, it was the weirdest thing. All of them had elaborate beards. Each one contained something different twisted in the hair there, like flowers, or even a miniature replica of a pirate ship. The latter was found in the beard of the most helpful person we saw.

She looked to be about our age, but she was standing on top of what looked to be part spaceship, part submarine. She told us that the rain weakened the barrier between our world and hers. And the only way to set things right was to go to the bottom of the sea and pull a giant plug that would drain the water.

So we hopped into her spaceshipmarine and we set off for the plug.

We spent a lot of time talking, laughing, playing games, and singing songs to each other. We talked about painting it (the submarine) yellow. But then decided that it would be too hard to do underwater.

Anyway, she revealed to us that she was actually a priestess. And authorized to perform marriages. So we got married. Though it was kind of an odd ceremony.

She asked "Which one of you is the grapefruit in this relationship?"

We didn't understand, so we decided you would be the grapefruit. You had to carry a duck around during the ceremony. And we all had to be naked. And finally, with the ceremonial conga line, we became officially married.

We reached the plug a few days later, and pulled it out quickly. As we did, we could feel reality starting to shift. Our friend and her submarine were rapidly vanishing. We hugged her goodbye, careful not to crush the ship in her beard. She'd spent years building it.

Then we held hands and cuddled until we were back in our world completely. We were sitting in the middle of the road outside our house. The duck came with us. I think he had a crush on you. So we kept him and named him Travis. The end. :)
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