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Boy, you're gonna carry that weight

The Cap'm
1 May
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  • cosineofchap@livejournal.com
18, geeky, pansexual, anarchist, religious wanderer, in a relationship with a wonderful girl (intrakinesis), majoring in physics with a minor in theatre.

I'd be happy to friend anyone pleasant. :) I love getting to know new music, too, so I'm always open to requests.


My name is


I am

ALWAYS!, activist, alien, anarchist, androgyne, androgynous, angel, animal lover, artsy, babe, beautiful, bigender, birl, bouncy, boy in a skirt, bubbly, caring, cat lover, chubby, complex, confidant, confused, creative, crossdresser, cuddly, curious, cute, dog lover, dork, drag prince, dreamer, dude, dunno yet, everything, fanboy, fangirl, female-bodied, feminist, fluid, free, friendly, full of love, geek, gender bender, gender confused, gender fluid, genderqueer, gentleman, girl lover, girly boy, glittery, grrl, hairy, hippie, huggly, human, intelligent, introvert, kinky, kitty, LGBT, liberal, lover, loving, Miss, Mr., mama, mistress, nerd, no-op, odd, out-ish, pansexual, passionate, peoplesexual, philosopher, princess, pro-choice, pro-family, pro-gay, queer, quirky, redhead, romantic, sensitive, sexy, shapeshifter, sir, snuggly, sparkly, spiritual, sweet, switch, transquestioning, treehugger, trustworthy, undecided, understanding, weird, witch, wolf, XX

Who are you?